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ITI Ka Full form Kya Hai , ITI Full form Hindi , ITI Full form, how many trades in ITI are there, how much it cost, where can I get ITI training, and where can I find a job after ITI. If you’re also looking for such information, we’re going to provide it in today’s article.

If you just passed the 10th or 12th class, then it is important that you do not know what to next. You should have asked your friends and educated relatives about this. It is cheaper to do.

You are given a polytechnic course for 3 years. ITI offers courses that last from 6 months to 2 and are more popular if you’re already determined to study ITI. We will be glad to assist you.

About ITI Full form

Full Form ITI is Industrial Training Institute. ITI is also known by the following:Industrial Training Institute in Hindi . ITI is also known by the acronym IT. It offers training in both engineering-related and non-engineering technical fields. We are glad that you’ve learned about ITI, our friends.full formITI is a broad term, so let’s find out more.

ITI is India’s second school. It was established by DGET, the Directorate General of Training. ITI is a training institution that offers training in many trades, including electrical, mechanical, computer hardware, refrigeration and air conditioning, carpentry, plumbing, welding, fitter etc. These institutes are specifically designed to give technical knowledge to students just passing 10th standard. Students can opt for technical education instead of higher study.

ITI courses open up many career opportunities for students. ITI Course graduates can find employment in the private and public sectors. ITI Course can lead to many trades. Before you decide to apply for ITI Course, make sure that you do your research and carefully consider the trades. All ITI colleges are available today, whether they be private or public. Many universities now offer this type of course.

ITI was created to provide technical personnel in the fast growing industrial sector. ITI offers courses that teach skills in a specific trade. The ITI program provides students with practical training in the industry. This can take up to a year. The National Council of Vocational Training’s (NVCT) certification requires that the student have had practical training in the industry. In India, ITIs are government-run training organizations that operate in major cities like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, Punjab, Haryana. Gujarat, Assam. Kerala. Madhya Pradesh.

Industrial Training Institutes’ (ITIs), are there to provide technical and professional training for students. This allows them to complete their degrees and then work in various industrial fields to further their careers.

You will find ITI institutes in many cities today. They offer different industries, such as mechanical, electronics, information technology, fabrication, lift Mechanics, computer software, and diesel science. The training of, electrical, etc. All training will be provided.

There are many ITI courses. Each course has a different time period and admission criteria. Like today, courses vary in length. Some last 6 months while others take 1 year or 2 years. You can also apply for admission to some courses after you have completed 8th, 10th, and 12th grades. You should have complete knowledge of ITI Trades before you take admission.

How to choose the right trade

Before applying to ITI, the first question you should ask is about trade. All students must be careful when choosing a trade for ITI. You should consider which trades you are capable of performing well before you choose any trade. You can pick any trade you like and get your ITI diploma. This is where you need to be careful as not all trades are available in every ITI Institute. You must know which trades are available in each ITI before you apply for admission. Below are some trade names, such as –

  • Electronic Mechanic
  • Mechanic Motor Vehicle (MMV)
  • Stenography (English, Hindi)
  • Computer Operating & Programming Assistant
  • Electric
  • Fitters
  • welder
  • Plumber
  • electrician


ITI Diploma Course fees are extremely low and vary in each private and government college. Admission to Government College is free. However, if you apply for admission to Private College, fees will be charged according to the college.

ITI Popular Colleges in India

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Patna
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee
  • Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Palakkad
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Tirupati
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhi Nagar
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneshwar
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Goa
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhilai
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai

Who is eligible for ITI admissions?

ITI diploma courses are available to 8th, 10, and 12th-grade students.

Admission Process

ITI admission is simple. The only requirement to be admitted is to complete one form. This form is available every July. The form can be bought at any ITI. ITI admissions are based on merit.

Eligibility to be admitted to ITI

Candidates must possess the essential qualifications to take the All India Law Entrance Test. To qualify for the All India Law Entrance Test, the candidate must have passed 10th Class from a recognized Board or other examination that is recognized as 10th Class. The minimum score required to be admitted to ITI is 35% for class 10. The candidate should be between the ages of 14 and 40 at the time they apply for ITI.

job after iti diploma

Many students believe that ITI Diploma Course will help them get jobs. For your information, we want to inform you that ITI Diploma Program will provide many opportunities for you to get a job. There are many government organizations available that offer ITI Diploma-pass students jobs. After completing the ITI Diploma Course you are eligible to apply for government and private jobs.

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