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FIR Full Form : What is FIR ? How to register FIR via smartphone or mobile. We will soon have all the details. Let’s get started. FIR Full Form in Hindi. What is the full name of FIR ?

FIR Full Form in Hindi – What’s FIR?

Friends, FIR full form is “First Investigation Report”. This document is prepared by the police. This document can be used to report on any crime or in the event of similar theft.

An FIR is a written report by a person to police regarding crime, theft, or other cases. The police gives the complainant a copy along with the seal and sign of the SHO. What have you written before the police gave the copy of FIR? The police will read the FIR and then narrate it to you.

Your signature will be added to the FIR. The police can then take appropriate action by adding the FIR number to its register. Once the FIR has been registered, it is impossible to put pressure on any police officer or other person.

Let me tell you. How to register an FIR online using a mobile device

How to register FIR via smartphone or mobile ?

If your car, mobile phone, or bike has been stolen, please let us know. In this case, you need to go to the nearest police station to register an FIR. If your mobile, bike or car is stolen in the commission of a crime, you will be held responsible. This is why you’ll be held accountable.

In such cases, it is necessary to register an FIR. You can now do this work via mobile. Let’s find out how.

Step 1

You must first visit the official website of the police in your state to register an FIR online. For example, I am taking Delhi. You can search online by typing FIR Delhi in Google. Delhi Police

Step 2

Open the link above and click on Lost & Found. Then tap on Lost Article Report.

Step 3

Click on Register from It to enter your name, address, phone number, email ID, date of loss and what you will lose after that. Click on Lost Article to select any one. It is possible to write a few sentences.

Step 4

As if a car had a number, how did it get stolen? It was stolen from where? Please enter the Captcha code below and click submit.

The police will now take appropriate action against the FIR you have provided.

Rules for filing an FIR

  • Anyone with information about the cognizable offence can file an FOI.
  • The police must make a note of any information given orally about the cognizable offences.
  • The victim of the crime or the person who filed the complaint can request that the information recorded by the police be read to him/her.
  • After information has been recorded, it must then be signed by the person providing the information. If the person is unable or unwilling to write, they may sign by placing the left thumb impression on it.
  • After you file an FIR, take the copy. If you are not provided with the copy by police, it is your right to ask.

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Today’s article will cover FIR Full Form in Hindi as well as how to register FIR online. We hope that you enjoyed this information. Don’t forget sharing it with your friends. We will be back with more information. We will see you again soon.

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